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Dr. Amadu Ayebo

Assist. Prof. of Biology

Indiana Univ. of PA


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Office: (724) 357-5988
Biology Department Office: (724) 357-2352
FAX: (724) 357-5700


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IUP Campus Address

213A Weyandt Hall
Department of Biology
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania 15705

Professional Interests and Formal Education
[ Publications ]

Field: Environmental Health

Research Interests:

1) The health significance of microbiological and chemical contaminants of the food chain and the environment.
2) Rural well-water survey for microbial and pesticide contamination.
3) Health hazards of agricultural and environmental chemicals exposure.
4) Comparative studies of international environmental health and food safety policies.

B.Sc. - University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana
M.Sc. - University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana
Ph.D. - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska


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