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BIOL261 Ornithology Student Presentations - Spring 2013

BIOL261 Ornithology Information

Text and Sample of Ornithology Resources

Monday April 8

            Chelsea McDonnell - Siblicide in birds
            Jonathan Flanagan - Endangered species in Hawaii
            Aaron Cecchetti - Behavior of Eagles

    Wednesday April 10

            Suzanne Craig - Effect of "outside" house cats on wild birds
            Heather Brumbaugh - Embryology or Evolution of modern birds
            Stephen Luciano

    Friday April 12

            Adrienne Fullman - Bird Diseases and the areas they are found in and if they are area specific
            Julie Scott - Birds and Pesticides

    Monday April 15

            Jake Ray - Bowerbirds
            Sean Zmenkowski - dinosaurs transforming into birds

    Wednesday April 17

            Lee Margerison - Evolution of birds from reptiles
            Alexandra Goldring - Effects of hurricanes on bird migration and survival

    Friday April 19

Jessica Heinrich - Condors
            Sarah Wilson - The effect of human interaction with birds

    Monday April 22

            Jake Good - Changing migration patterns and effects of wind turbines
            Stuart Custer - Wetland Birds
      Megan Leasure - Irruption and Vagrancy

    Wednesday April 24

            Lauren Wilsoncroft - Bird Behavior
            Cassandra Allen - Conservation
            Lillian Aurand - Banding Saw-whet Owls in Pennsylvania


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