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BIOL261 Ornithology
Just a Sample of Ornithology Resources

BIOL261 Ornithology Information

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Text by Frank B. Gill: Ornithology Third Edition 2006, Published by W. H. Freeman and Company, ISBN-13: 978-0716749837
See Main Lecture Topics.

Check out StudyBlue.com photos of bird skins as submitted by Jonathan Flanagan and listed as Animal Biology A 02 (click on lab 1 quiz on the right within Animal Biology A 02)

 Complete journal articles from SORA - Searchable Ornithological Research Archive Online! 
Search!   http://elibrary.unm.edu/sora/
        Auk (1884-2001)
        The Condor (1899-2000)
        Journal of Field Ornithology (1925-1999)
        North American Bird Bander (1976-2011)
        Ornithological Monographs (1965-2005)
        Pacific Coast Avifauna (1900-1974)
        Studies in Avian Biology (1978-2008)
        Western Birds (1970-2009)
        Wilson Bulletin (1889-1999)

JOURNAL STORAGE: The Scholarly Journal Archive – Complete journal articles online!  Search!  Ecology, Journal of Ecology, Ecological Monographs, many more.
This is a subscription service offered by IUP and on campus you will connect directly using the IUP network with the address  http://www.jstor.org/.
Off campus try going
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The Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching (Birding)

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Data
Current and Historical Results: http://netapp.audubon.org/cbcobservation/
e.g. Historical Results by Species: http://netapp.audubon.org/CBCObservation/Historical/ResultsBySpecies.aspx?1
legacy link: e.g. graph by species and year historical results: http://web4.audubon.org/bird/cbc/hr/index.html

Ornithology Lectures by Dr. Gary Ritchison, Eastern Kentucky University

List of essays about birds, e.g., adaptations for flight

Topics in Ornithology

Bird Monitoring - programs, techniques, manuals

Institute for Bird Populations

Electronic Resources on Ornithology

AllAboutBirds.org, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

BirdSource: Birding with a Purpose

eBird (requires registration)

Patuxent--Bird Population Studies

Dr. Dan Sudia's Bird Photographs

North American Bird Sounds

Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics Recorded Sounds

Online Bird Guide – including bird songs


Checklist of Pennsylvania Birds

Birding in Pennsylvania

Local Todd Bird Club Meetings at Blue Spruce County Park
            7:00 PM First Tuesday of each month and Field Trips
              Todd Bird Club Website: http://toddbirdclub.org
              List of birds in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, including Yellow Creek State Park (2006 version), by Margaret Higbee

             Birds of Yellow Creek State Park, Indiana County, Pennsylvania (2009 version), by Margaret Higbee
             List of birds in Blue Spruce County Park (Indiana, PA) by Margaret Higbee

The State Birds of the USA

"Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching"
Recommended by Sara in Cathryn Weaver's youth group.

"A Kid's Guide to Bird-Watching"

Recommended by Shannon and Patrick through Sarah Matthews of Camping Ireland.


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